Any yacht registration in Malta may be obtained further to an expeditious and straightforward procedure within a timeframe of 48 hours from receipt of the required documents. This registration will be provisional until the Maltese Registrar of Ships is furnished with documents proving the ownership of the yacht, a deletion certificate (from the previous non Malta yacht register, if any), a certificate of survey and other technical documents as the case may be.

To register provisionally the following documents will be required:

  • An Application to Register a Yacht in Malta
  • A Declaration of Ownership
  • An Application requesting a Radio Licence
  • A copy of the International Tonnage Certificate (if the commercial yacht is over 24m in length)
  • Technical details as may be the case

The provisional registration is valid for 6 months, within which period the applicant must fulfil the formalities prescribed by Maltese law for a permanent registration in Malta.

Upon completion of the Malta registration process a Certificate of Malta Registry will be furnished. This document will constitute proof of the successful registration procedure under the Malta flag, as well as proof of title to the yacht.