Any Maltese or European citizen, and any company registered in Malta or in a Member State of the European Union, may register a yacht under the Malta flag.  The use of a Maltese company is the preferred method of trading.

The yacht registration procedure is efficient and straight forward, and certificates are issued promptly in the name of the registered owners upon submission of the necessary paperwork. A provisional Yacht Registration Certificate is normally issued on a non-operational basis until all paperwork has been confirmed in accordance with the Maltese and International laws and regulations.

Financiers find comfort in the Maltese legislation providing for adequate protection for them, and also for the yacht owners. The mortgage system is straightforward and the Maltese flag authorities administer the law strictly, but fairly, ensuring clarity and correctness.

Once successfully registered under the Malta flag, a yacht can also benefit from the excellent international repute of the flag, which is further enhanced by Malta’s membership within the European Union.

Also noteworthy is that Malta flag regulations provide for:

  • No restriction in the nationality of persons involved in the ownership
  • No restriction in the nationality of the persons manning of the vessel
  • No restriction whilst sailing to any ports worldwide