We as Moonlight Invest are duly registered by the Maltese VAT authorities to act as lessor and will be in a position to contract with any client (no limitation on nationality) on a Maltese yacht lease.

After the yacht leasing agreement is signed, a VAT confirmation letter from the Maltese VAT authorities will be obtained. In this document the regulator confirms the lease and the method of payment of the VAT. After the first payment is effected, a second letter will be issued by the VAT Department, confirming that VAT is being accounted for in Malta.

At the end of the Malta yacht lease you as our lessee may exercise a purchase option on the yacht – the price of which by the tax regulation must not be less than 1% of the value of the yacht. The purchase will be subject to VAT at the normal rate. Upon exercising the purchase option and fulfilling the other prescribed conditions including the payment of all VAT due, you will be given a VAT Paid Certificate. During the exercise of such option, the yacht should lie in Maltese waters.

Due to this procedure you as a lessee having the “specific” lease agreement TAX confirmation of the Tax authorities in place, are assured that the VAT treatment and the purchase option cannot be questioned and are irrevocable, this even in the unlikely event that the leasing VAT treatment legislation will be amended during the lease period.