Our company is still young, however our team has a long standing experience in the yacht financing and banking industry. By combining our experience with the knowledge of our local business partner DF Marine will secure that you as our client will receive the optimal customised yacht leasing solutions for your Maltese registered yacht.

The same is true for our other business development activities in which we combine our banking experience with the asset/project experts of our business partners TBICM and IMPRESCO with whom we will look into new Real Estate and Healthcare investment opportunities.

To realise our planned business expansion we are also searching for integer co-participants and/or parties whom are willing to provide long term loans against attractive interest rates and this with a strong security package with a low risk profile.

Our commitment to corporate governance and business ethics is at the forefront of all that we do. This allows us to develop a set of corporate practices which will deliver excellence and success to our stakeholders.

Willem Steenkamer

Moonlight Invest your reliable business partner!