Being “your” business partner, provider of customer friendly, creative and innovative total solutions.

To become the most valued operating yacht leasing & business development company of Malta


Our business centers on people and trust. Only by acting with professionalism and integrity can we maintain our stakeholders’ confidence and to build on our company’s reputation.

Integrity, above all

Balancing the rights and interests of all involved is key to our viability. To live up to the values we hold as true. For us, success will only be achieved if we act with integrity. We will not ignore, tolerate or excuse behaviour that breaches our values.

We are honest

We carefully weigh the impact of our actions and make decisions that are considerate of all involved. We give honest, clear and frank advice to our stakeholders.
We respect the law and the rules we set for ourselves. We expect our stakeholders to do the same.
We tell the truth. We are open, which means we are honest about what we do while balancing the interests of all involved.

We are prudent

We put our customer’s interests at the centre of all our activities. They can rightly expect their trust placed in us to be honoured, meaning we care and have the right competence to manage their assets, interests and information.
We manage financial risks carefully and take such risks only if these risks have been properly assessed.

We are responsible

We respect human rights and care for the environment, avoiding or managing impact.
We engage with our stakeholders to promote continuous improvement.

Moonlight Invest your reliable business partner!